ELBA out with ‘You Do You’

ELBA is back with a new single, about reminding the trust in yourself.

New single from Roxy Jules

Roxy Jules celebrates the late danish summer nights on her new single

P.t. makes their entrance with the debut single ‘Digter’

‘Digter’ is the debut single from the new duo

P6 BEAT darlings our with new single

Yör is out with the new single ‘Badekar’

TÅRN frontman announces new projekt

We’re welcoming our new signing P.t.

Yör releases ‘Noget Fremmed’

Our newest member of the family is ready with the electronic pop-single ‘Noget Fremmed’

New signing: Yör

A big welcome to our newest signing Yör, who are releasing their next single ‘Noget Fremmed’ on the 15th of June

Rosa Lux second album is out now

Rosa Lux is out with her second album ‘Get To Shore’ today.

New single – Rosa Lux

Rosa Lux is out with her 2nd single ‘Queens Court’

New single – Vera Decay

Vera Decay is out with their third single ‘Someone Bad’

New signing – Jonahh

We’re excited to share the news of our latest signing, Jonahh.

Raffaele Grimaldi announces new EP ‘Distant Lights’

Raffaele Grimaldi is out with his new EP ‘Distant Light’ on February 10th.


ELBA’s debut album ‘Teardrops & Blind Spots’ is out now!

Rosa Lux is releasing a new single in February

Single is out on February 10th and full album are comming soon

New signing – Gustav Blume

We are very excited to announce our new signing – Gustav Blume. He is out with his debut single very soon. Stay tuned!

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