ELBA shine bright with the EP ‘Mirrorball’

One of the most powerful independent voices of Nordic pop music marks a musical as well as a personal turning point with her new EP. ‘Mirrorball’ is a step out of darkness and into the light for ELBA with five highly energetic and liberating tunes of self-love! Listen to the lead single, ’We Can Do This’, out today along with the ‘Mirrorball’-EP.

“I went through a difficult period of stress in 2021 but with time, getting better, I’ve felt a strong need to focus on all the positive things in life. That’s why I wrote five songs about various self-empowering topics: from standing up for yourself to being ecstatic and to love and dance again,” ELBA explains talking about ‘Mirrorball’.

The new EP consists of five cuts that sparkle and shine with every note.

‘You Do You’ and ‘Kindness’ boost self-esteem, while ‘I’m a Dancer’ and ‘Confetti’ take ELBA’s signature sound to new heights. Sonically, the bass is at the center of her euphoric electronic pop universe framing five individual songs on the journey out of darkness and back into the light – an important narrative told on the lead single, ‘We Can Do This’.