Isam B out with 1st single from coming album

“Snart Blev Vi Ældre” (Soon We Grew Older) is the title of Isam B’s new single, which marks the beginning of his upcoming album.

“Snart Blev Vi Ældre” delves into the hair-raising but true everyday life in Vestegnen and many other suburbs aroundin Denmark. In the song, Isam B takes listeners on a raw and unpolished journey through memories from his childhood and youth in Vestegnen in the ’90s. With his raw poetry, Isam B paints at times a horrifying picture of the unattractive life, which unfortunately was and still is the reality for many people.

Through penetrating and thought-provoking verses, the song reflects on friends, romances, and losses, all of which constitute an important part of one’s life story.

With his characteristic voice and authentic expression, Isam B manages to create an emotional connection with listeners, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences and memories. With his honest upbringing narrative, he creates a space for mutual understanding and empathy that extends beyond Vestegnen, resonating with listeners from all walks of life.