IDA KUDO ready with 1st single off new EP

‘The Power That Is Woman’ is the first single from IDA KUDO’s upcoming EP ‘Proud’, inviting the listener into an alluring pop universe filled with catchy songs, quirky sentiments and powerful statements.

It’s time for a new kind of leadership putting people before profit. That’s the message of Danish/Japanese IDA KUDO’s new single ‘The Power That Is Woman’, out today.


“We need a change of power and a new style of leadership rooted in

feminine values that will rebuild trust between people and leaders,”

says IDA KUDO.

‘The Power That Is Woman’ is the first single from the EP ‘Proud’, which will be released in Spring 2024. The five tracks on the EP revolve around empowering messages and socially critical topics. The release is a collaboration between Danish-Japanese artist, IDA KUDO (graduate of the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and BIMM in London), and award-winning British record producer Andrew Hunt.