Yör releases debutalbum: ‘intet så rigtigt’

Last Friday, Yör released their debut album ‘intet så rigtigt’ (nothing so right), and with over 1000 plays on P6 BEAT, many would argue that it’s about time. The album has been a longer time coming than the typical debut album.

‘intet så rigtigt’ has been in the making for almost eight years, which was not a deliberate choice on the part of the band — life has a way of throwing one off course, literally. For lead singer Marie Kildebæk, a severe concussion years ago was a brake that pulled hard on the progress they were working on as a band. It was a difficult period that deeply affected everyone. But slowly — and with love — Yör pieced themselves back together as Marie got better. The recipe for the glue is the strong friendship that still, and very clearly, exists between them all. When you meet Yör, you feel it: They are in symbiosis with each other, both humanly and musically. Yör says among other things:

“We have found our musical core on our previous releases, and have to tear apart the aesthetics and put it back together to reach new places. This is evident in lyrics like on Benhård, and in our artwork of cut-up polaroid pictures reassembled anew with gold”

Listen to the album right here