Løsgænger releases debut single

With his first release ‘Kan du se mig?’, Løsgænger enters the Danish music scene with a bang of a single that both ignites the desire to jump around in the festival pits, as well as it focuses on the taboo shadows of parenthood.

Behind Løsgænger is the 33 year old singer and songwriter Nicolai Noa. And precisely life at the beginning of the 30s is reflected in ‘Kan du se mig?’. The song was written in the wake of becoming a father and deals with the difficult emotions that can accompany parenthood:

“My partner and I were both hit by postpartum depression. In ‘Kan du se mig? I sing about a wall that I can’t break down. It was both a wall within myself, a
wall between me and my partner, and a wall through the family’s unity and the sense of happiness that I felt I should have” explains Noa and elaborates:

“I felt completely cut off from everything and everyone, and I think many can relate to the loneliness and shame that can follow when parenthood is not straightforward.”

‘Kan du se mig?’ is about groping for beauty. Fighting for love under extreme conditions. Losing oneself and each other, but still trying to keep it all together. Digging deep for solutions and longing for liberation. Musically ‘Kan du se mig?’ reflects the theme of the text with its pumping vibrating energy, chasing the moment of release – a release that in the finest way is found in the song’s chorus, evoking memories of the 80s pop’s big choruses added with pent-up raw energy.

Løsgænger’s roots go back to Danish giants like Kliché and TV2, while the direction is forward leaning and related to bands like The Minds of 99 and Barselona. ‘Kan du se mig??’ is the first release from Løsgænger’s debut album, portraying the big and small dramas that unfold right here in the very ordinary life. We look forward to unveiling more strong songs with Løsgænger’s unique signature and voice.