The Warmongers

The Danish garage rock trio The Warmongers consists of Terry O’Tool, Johnny9, and Ed Zimmerman whose past music endeavours include Thee Attacks (Terry O’Tool and Johnny9) and Wizzard of Love (Ed Zimmerman). The trio is inspired by rock bands such as Small Faces and the Who.

In April 2016, on the day of the release of their first single “Loving You So”, the Warmongers also set a new world record, which gave them a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records, by playing 26 shows within 24 hours – a project commissioned by RagnaRock – Danish museum of pop, rock and youth culture.

Their debut album “Listen Up!” was released in November, 2016 after a year of working on the recordings in the notorious Toe Rag Studios in London with Liam Watson (The White Stripes) and in Denmark with Søren Christensen (The Blue Van). Hereafter, the record was mixed in Germany by Florian Hofer and finally mastered by New York based Rachel Alina.