Løsgænger is a danish artist, writing music about the dramas af everyday life, such as the petty bitterness of jealousy, the letdown of af a parent or the fragility of falling in love.

The person behind Løsgænger is Copenhagen based singer and songwriter, Nicolai Noa, who’s in a place in life where the restlessness of his youth is not a distant past as adulthood is kicking in. This second round of growing up is a theme that’s very present in his debut album, which is to be released in fall of 2024.

With his debut sinfle release, ‘Kan du se mig?’, Løsgænger bursts onto the Danish music scene with a single that ignites both festival fervor and explores parenthood’s taboo shadows. Musically, the song’s pumping energy mirrors its lyrical theme, culminating in a chorus reminiscent of 80s pop anthems infused with raw energy.

Drawing inspiration from Danish icons like Kliché and TV2, Løsgænger’s direction is forward-leaning, akin to bands such as The Minds of 99 and Barselona.