IDA KUDO is a Japanese-Danish artist known for her catchy yet intricate pop universe, ’Scandinasian pop’ as she calls it herself. Her new EP ‘Proud’ is set to be released on the 26th of April 2024, and her new material revolves around bold messages of female empowerment and socially critical topics. It’s a result of a close collaboration between the artist and British award-winning producer Andrew Hunt.

The already released singles from the EP has been aired on BBC Radio 6 Music the single The Power That is Woman has been massively played on Danish national radio P6 BEAT.

IDA KUDO has previously made a name for herself internationally with her explosive energy and unique sound. She has supported Sting in Austria and played Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, JAJAJA in Berlin, and London. Other London gigs include The Lexington, The Old Blue Last, and Sofar Sounds. This year IDA KUDO  will perform at SPOT Festival May 4th.

Her previous records have been played on BBC Introducing, on Danish national radio and she’s had airplay in Germany and France.

She’s been featured in GAFFA, Clash Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, and Ja Ja Ja Music amongst others. In addition, her previous releases; ’Gold’, ‘Jinx’ and ‘Wolf’ have been used in several TV series, including Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunsets’ and in major international campaigns for Starbucks, Victoria’s Secret, Facebook, Riott Games, and Audi, among others.

She’s currently working on new music with award-winning English producer, Andrew Hunt.