Sylvio out with new single

Sylvio aka Enea Sylvio Besena is a 24 years old swiss-italian musician and composer. He is originally educated as a drummer specialized in jazz, but when the pandemic started and all his live shows were cancelled, he turned towards the piano.

3rd single ‘November is Here’ from Sylvio’s upcoming EP out June 3rd. With placements on 14 Spotify playlists such as Reading Soundtrack, Calm Vibes and Piano in the Background, Sylvio has a track record of composing solo piano pieces suitable for focus and relaxation. He began releasing his blissful pieces in May 2021 on the back of a pandemic-cancelled tour with his jazz trio. As the piano was the first instrument he learned to play, it felt natural and soothing to him to turn towards that and his songs has reached more than 1 mio. streams on Spotify. ‘November is Here’ is meant to be a brief journey of peace and relaxation for the listener.