ELBA out with the single ‘Fading In & Out’

With the single ‘Meryl Streep’, the Danish pop artist ELBA soared directly towards #1 spot on the upcoming chart on Danish national radio P3 and the new single ‘Fading In & Out’ equally contain all facets to stand out just as
strongly and convincingly. Ellen Østervig Bathum has written the song in collaboration with Asger
Nordtorp Pedersen (Guldimund, Lucky Lo) and it is expertly produced by Søren Buhl Lassen (Brimheim, Rebecca Lou etc.).

Carried by catchy synth-bass hooks and Bathum’s expressive voice, ‘Fading In & Out’ builds on a dazzling climax of grandiose synth stabs and twinkling vocal harmonies so moving, catchy and impressive that you instantly feel like pressing the play button again.

In addition, the song is rooted in a series of well-reflected considerations, which are healthy signs in an age where the digital presence is more and more prominent.

ELBA explains:
“‘Fading In & Out’ is a break-up song with my phone. The song came about when the corona pandemic was still raging in 2021 and I felt mentally exhausted from looking at social media. I didn’t feel that I was achieving anything, and especially not when I looked at all the amazing things that others apparently achieved. Besides that, I felt like every time I opened my phone, bad news was everywhere, which was affecting my mental health in a negative direction. To achieve some sort of mental balance again, I took a detox from the phone several times, and then we started writing what later became ‘Fading In & Out’. And through the song, I somehow ‘broke up’ with my phone.”