ELBA out with the single ‘Fading In & Out’

Danish pop artist ELBA needs no introduction. She soared to P3’s #1 spot with her exciting single Meryl Streep back in April. Now, the star is looking to replicate her past success with her new single Fading In & Out, written in collaboration with Asger Nordtorp Pedersen (Guldimund, Lucky Lo) and produced by Søren Buhl Lassen (Brimheim, Rebecca Lou, etc).

Fading In & Out is a powerful tune carried by catchy synth bass hooks and ELBA’s expressive voice, building up to a climax of grandiose synth stabs and glistening vocal harmonies so moving that you instantly want to press the replay button over and over again.

Rooted in self-reflection on social media and mental health, ELBA’s new single is a healthy sign of maturity in an age where digital presence is increasingly prominent.
ELBA explains:

“‘Fading In & Out’ is a break-up song with my phone. The song came about when the corona pandemic was still raging in 2021 and I felt mentally exhausted from looking at social media. I didn’t feel that I was achieving anything, especially not when I looked at all the amazing things that others had achieved. Besides that, I felt like every time I opened my phone, the bad news was everywhere, affecting my mental health negatively. To achieve some sort of mental balance again, I took a detox from the phone several times, and then we started writing what later became ‘Fading In & Out’. And through the song, I somehow ‘broke up’ with my phone.”