New album from the instrumental duo K A L E II D O

Following their critically acclaimed debut album VOYAGE in January 2021, emerging Danish instrumental duo K A L E II DO releases Elements on March 25th, 2022, via Danish label ExoPAC Recordings.
K A L E II D O is a visionary duo exploring sonic expression through intricately melodic sounds, with a common goal of creating unique improvisations live and in the studio.

VOYAGE emphasises the duo’s dogma that music changes in time, space and place. Therefore, bandleaders Anna Roemer and Cecile Strange find it necessary to change the line-up on every album. Ander ‘AC’ on double bass is the only consistent member.

ELEMENTS explores new musical avenues, taking inspiration from jazz to create a more beat-oriented hybrid not seen on VOYAGE. The album takes spherical guitar and saxophone melodies and blends them seamlessly, allowing them to weave in and out of each other against stunning loops and soundscapes.

The album’s title embraces a more down-to-earth expression. Where VOYAGE took the duo on an almost spiritual journey, ELEMENTS builds on experiences acquired during a long series of concerts across Denmark.

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