Behind Sylvio you’ll find the 24 years old swiss-italian musician and composer Enea Silvio Italo Besana. He is actually educated as a jazz drummer from Conservatorium Van Amsterdam (CvA) and has been acting as a touring musician with different jazz artists for quite a few years despite his young age. But when Europe locked down i 2020 and all his shows where cancelled he turned towards his piano. The piano was the first instrument he learned to play and as the recording artist Sylvio he has released his blissful piano pieces since May 2021 and has achieved a lot of success on the streaming services. Now he is on his way with the EP ‘Softness’ which will be released in the early summer 2022.
Sylvio’s coming EP features compositions that are delicate, melodic and soft performed and creates the perfect atmosphere for a little break on your own.