Danish band Yör is a unique fusion of poetic lyrics, sound design, and a love for communities and manga – and besides that – they are the best-kept secret of the Danish music scene, yet to be fully unveiled to the public.

With over 500 spins on the Danish national radio P6 BEAT, as well as sold-out concerts in Copenhagen and performances at festivals like Uhørt, Carpark, and New Note, they have already touched the surface without breaking the sound barrier yet. But Yör have actually been cooking on their project for quite some time now and are definitely ready. Before they even played their first concert and released their debut EP “I Virkeligheden” (“For Real / In Reality / Actually” ) in 2021, they had spent more than 2 years together in the rehearsal room and are a very tight-knit band of friends.

Yör consists of singer and sound designer Marie Kildebæk, drummer Lasse Jacobsen, bass-player Janus Bagh, and synth and sound designer Viktor Dahl and they have known each other since their early teenage years from boarding schools, high schools and music conservatories, and came together in their shared musical space in 2019. With respective parallel careers as composers for award-winning theater productions, documentaries, podcasts, and live musicians for artists like eee gee and Selina Gin, Yör is made up by some fantastic creative capacities, which shines clearly through in their sophisticated synth-based indie-pop. Together, they create a completely unique sound and feel in a universe that combines the intimate and delicate with the raw and pulsating. Singer Marie’s crystal-clear vocals tell stories about suddenly feeling alienated from the ones you love, about failed communication, and about growing up and thinking about what kind of an adult you are going to be. The stories are staged and contrasted with raw synth textures and beating hearts of rhythm and bass. Simply beautiful and stunning.

Now, Yör is ready to embark on a new era with the release of their debut album, which is scheduled for late autumn 2023. Before that, significant glimpses from the album will be unveiled through a series of single releases throughout the summer and autumn