Simon Ask

Simon Ask is best known for his work in Danish popular act Katinka Band, where he is a guitarist, producer, and composer, as well as a co-founder of the band. Alongside Katinka Band, Simon Ask released the experimental and primarily instrumental EP “Dive” under his own name in 2018. With an electronic foundation, “Dive” offered a string of genre-expanding productions that positioned themselves somewhere between Nils Frahm’s more experimental works and Trentemøller’s early productions. However, Simon’s main instrument, the guitar, played a more peripheral role in the productions on “Dive.”

Although it has been several years since Simon last released music under his own name, his solo project has never been dormant but has constantly simmered in the background. This has now resulted in 11 songs, which will be released together on an album in the fall of 2024, where the guitar takes center stage. About the album, Simon says:

“I have based it on the guitar as an instrument but try to bring it into a new, produced, and more electronic framework, where it comes into its own in a different way. Some may think that the guitar is a somewhat outdated and nostalgic instrument, but I want to give it new life. I want to make room for the guitar’s imperfections and its snarling. At the same time, I want to make it clear that there is a human behind the guitar.”