KALEIIDO is a new cross-over duo made up by guitarist Anna Roemer and saxophonist Cecilie Strange. The two musicians have joined forces in a common musical vision – to create music that moves in time, space and place. Although the band only has about one year on the back, they have already surfaced with several concerts on the Danish music scene, including Winter Jazz, the legendary Copenhagen Jazz Festival as well as several other venues on the Danish music scene. The two women behind are rooted in different genres. Guitarist Anna is playing with several pop and indie acts (Asger Techau, IDA KUDO) and Cecilie has been playing the saxophone in various Jazz constellations and is on the way with her own solo debut album.

Together they transcend their respective roots and strive to create sound collages that changes at each tone like sunshine in a kaleidoscope. The music never moves back to a fixed starting point but pushes forward in the borderline of ambient, electronic and jazz.