Lasse Elkjær

Lasse Elkjaer is a Los Angeles based Danish composer and orchestrator, who was recently shortlisted for a Robert Award nomination by the Danish Film Academy, for his orchestral score to the very first Danish Halloween feature film, “Forsvundet til Halloween” (2021). Elkjaer gained special recognition for his award winning score for the horror short film Sticks (2018), a gothic scare ride where Elkjaer worked with Hollywood cellist Tina Guo, whose solo cello can be heard on scores by Hans Zimmer, such as Inception (2010) and The Lion King (2019). While studying at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, South Danish Conservatory of Music, Elkjaer started collaborating with five-time Emmy winning composer Jacob Groth, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009). When working with Jacob Groth, Elkjaer was hired to do orchestrations on the feature film Dead Man Down (2013) starring Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace, and TV productions Modus (2015-17) and Unforgettable (2013-16). Elkjaer’s TV credits include NBC TV series Midnight, Texas (2017-2018), Netflix TV series Lost In Space (2018-), and Dominion (2014-15).

The films Elkjaer scored showcase his vast range of expertise, and won awards at the Honolulu Film Festival, Nordic International Film Festival and First Run Film Festival in New York, Tech Doc Film Festival in Seattle, and Filmkraft in Denmark.