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ELBA releases second EP

You may have already stumbled upon the Danish Pop artist ELBA at Roskilde Festival in 2019, at Copenhagen Pride, or at Alive Festival the same year. Maybe you heard her on the radio, who diligently have played her single ‘700 Angels’ on both P3 and P4 since it was released in May. Even several German Radio stations, hereinunder Bayern 3, has opened their eyes to her obvious talent, who is now ready to release her second EP today. Common to these different media are their predictions that the 26-year old Dane’s career has just begun.

ELBA’s musical universe contains unique originality that makes her stand out as a special talent on the Danish pop scene: “Tell me that this is not some of the very best Danish pop music ever made for a long time”, the radio host on Danish National Radio P3, Michael Bernhard said, about the song ‘700 Angels’.

Ellen has, according to her own statement, become more comfortable sharing personal narratives than before, and it is precisely this newfound approach to songwriting that binds the songs on the EP together:

“I have started to dare to talk to others about the things I am going through and therefore I can put myself more in the center in the music – even though it may feel private and unbelievably nerve-wracking to extradite myself in that way”.

New single from ELBA

With a handful of well-executed singles as well as performance at a number of prominent festivals, such as Roskilde Festival and in addition with airplay on Danish National Radio P3, ELBA has slowly started claiming herself a place as one of the most promising Danish pop artists at the moment. The single ‘Sirens’ is out today.

ELBA wrote the song ‘Sirens’ to process the everyday sexism she herself has been subjected to and celebrates that it has become acceptable to speak up about it.

“Sirens has been important to me to both write and releasing because it’s a way I can process my own prejudice, especially the sexism in myself have been exposed to. The song is a celebration of the fact that the boundaries of what is acceptable have shifted and still are, so that one can now be allowed to speak up.”

ELBA releases new single

With heavy rotation on Danish national radio P3 and rotation on DLF Nova (a.o.), on her most recent single ‘700 Angels’, ELBA is a new powerful and rising artist from Denmark. Today she releases her new single ‘Rings Out’.

She released her debut EP ‘Remember Me’ in March this year which came out on the back of multiple high profile festival shows in ’19 including Roskilde Festival, Alive Festival and SPOT Festival. Despite the horrorable ongoing Corona pandemic ELBA has still been able to play 15 shows during the summer and is in the making of her 2nd EP.

The new single imparts a surprising, intimate, and laidback intro and verse, which evolves into a pulsating and trance-like techno beat in the outgoing choruses. The mix of styles and change of mood reflects the songs story about a young and carefree couple, who imagines how their common future will look like.

Behind the innovative production stands Søren Buhl Lassen, which also is the drummer in – and producer of Blaue Blume’s albums. His edgy musicality definitely brings an interestiung new flavour into ELBA’s pop-universe and with co-writer Asger Nordtorp Pedersen (aka Guldimund), it is the same creators who stood behind ‘700 Angels’.

The new single invites you into the intimate and personal sphere and at the same time makes you want to stand in a darkened club at 4 at night, with the lyrics “kneel boy, rings out, I want it all”, blaring out through the speakers.