New signing Kristian Kamp

We are excited to announce that the Danish artist Kristian Kamp has now joined our label. Kristian holds a bachelor degree in electronic music and sound art from the Danish National Academy of Music (Syddansk) and has been a part of various projects. Through the years he has been a touring musician in Europe and US for different pop acts, created sound art for exhibitions, as well as he has performed on his own as a techno DJ.

Now he has turned back to where all of his musical adventures began as a child, the piano. The great lock-down in Denmark (and all over) in the beginning of 2020 made the time and space for him to reflect on his musical journey so far, and the desire to create a minimalistic modern classical music arose. Now – one year after – he is recording his breathtaking melancholic yet hopeful piano compositions alongside a string quartet. We look very much forward to present the recordings later this year.

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