New single from Eik Octobre

With three neoclasssical EP’s on his back, Eik Octobre is now taking a new exciting step in a new direction on his coming EP ‘Simple Circles’. The first single released is ‘Falling Apart into Someone New’ which is a warm sounding fusion between the ambient and the classical, combing strings and piano with beats and synths. 

On Eik Octobre’s earlier EP releases he has combined solo piano pieces with recordings that also had ambient touches, but not as full blown as he dares this time. 

Eik has achieved great succes with both his solo piano pieces as well as with his more ambient sounding recordings from several of his releases and has more than 15. mio streams across platforms.  The piano is his main instrument for composing and recording, but his drive to constantly evolve and create new soundscapes reaches a new high on the coming single and EP.

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