Povl Kristian

Povl Kristian is a well known Danish composer who debuted in 1992 as film composer with his music for the short film “Gigolo” by Carsten Rudolf. Povl Kristian has composed music for both international as well as Danish films, TV-series and documentaries.

Povl Kristian has composed scores for more than 50 documentaries and movies such as “Aung San Suu Kyi – Lady of No Fear” (by Anne Gyrithe Bonne 2010), “En Kort En Lang” (movie by Hella Joof, 2001), Pusher (movie by Nicolas Winding Refn, 1996), “Se Min Kjole” (movie by Hella Joof, 2009), “Roskilde” (documentary by  Ulrik Wivel, 2008) and We Are Maersk (corporate movie by Christoffer Boe, 2012).