Lucas Forch released debut album

Lucas Forch has through several years been working as house-pianist at the Copenhagen based Enghave Church, and been composing music by the side for even more years. However, it was first in the year of 2021 that the now 29-year-old piano player has started his journey by releasing his soulful piano pieces. And what a start he’ve had on this journey, with a great start on both Spotify and Apple Music, with just over 12 millions streams on his singles combines.

Today he releases his debut-album ‘Beginnings’, with the focus single ‘Basilikum’.


Faunea released debut-EP

“I am an alien, born in a human body. I come from the planet Pluto, but was born in Nakskov”. This is how the Danish artist Faunea, with the bourgeois name Natasja, describes herself and her dark Electronic universe fit this image perfectly. After releasing a few singles throughout 2021, she will release her first EP ‘No Filter In My Unbreakable Neon Crab Heart’ today.

The contrast between feeling like someone who belongs on another planet, but in fact being born and raised in a small city on the countryside of Denmark, is to that extent also expressed in her vocals. One moment it manages to appear clear and fragile until shortly after leaning against the dark and heavy beats that characterize her music.

The contrast in her music is clear to be heard on her latest singles ‘CRZY’, ‘Addicted’ and ‘Psycho Love’, that all will be featured on the new EP. The single releases has been well received both in- and outside of Denmark, with airplay and interview on Danish National Radio P3, attention from medias such Bands of Tomorrow, Good Because Danish and Alfitude.

With the release of ‘No Filter In My Unbreakable Neon Crab Heart’, Faunea states this is just the beginning of her career. While finishing the EP, she have had several writing sessions with producers to crate songs for the next chapter of her musical career.

Bite the Bullet releases Album ‘Vices’

How would it sound if Jack White invited Daft Punk to produce an album and let Tame Impala be in charge of the recordings?

Bite the Bullet comes with a qualified bid on the trio’s upcoming album ‘Vices’, where the trio mixes their riff-driven rock sound up with flammable electro beats, catchy pop hooks and rave energy. The result is a charming and danceable take on what they call Thunderpop anno 2021.

The mindset of the new record is also radical different than on the group’s previous albums: “We have always dreamed that the band should be like an open love affair, where one is welcome to have lovers and find nourishment outside the band’s closed circle – but it’s not until now that we have been ready for that”, says guitarist Paw Eriksen.

Bite the Bullet has therefore circulated the early song sketches freely among good friends and songwriters like Søren Christensen (Fallulah, Nabiha, Reptile Youth, etc.), Jonas Breum (Peter Sommer et al.) and Kaspar Kaae (CODY) before the songs found their final form. In the process, Søren Christensen took the role as producer and creative big brother for the trio, which besides guitarist Paw Eriksen, consist of singer Thomas Storgaard and bass- and synth player Christian Norup. 

As an explosive live band, Bite the Bullet has several intensive European tour on their conscience. In particular, the German and Spanish concertgoers threw their love on the Danish rock trio. The frequent trips down the German autobahn has given the three-leaf clover a total fan base south of the native Denmark, and has made them a top-tuned live act that possesses an unnamed energy that is a rarity in their local hemisphere. “Playing a concert for us, is not just playing songs in front of an audience. We want people to be a part of the party and we are not afraid of letting them in”, says leadsinger Thomas Storgaard Christiansen. At concert Bite The Bullet performs with an energy and a empathy that makes it difficult for even the heaviest legs to stand still. Now they are ready with their 4th album ‘Vices’ and are looking forward to reveal show dates outside of Denmark, which will include Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

K A L E II D O releases new single

The experimental Jazz duo K A L E II D O is now out with their new single ‘INSIDE’, which is their first single since their debut-album earlier this year. 

With solid editorial support from Spotify and great media attention in Denmark and abroad, the Danish duo K A L E II D O released their debut album VOYAGE back in January this year. Their ambient cross-over jazz was picked out as ‘Album of The Week’ at Danish national classical radio P2 and they received 5/6 stars in the biggest music medias in Denmark, Politiken and Gaffa.

Now they are to play a show at the famous Copenhagen Jazz Festival on the 6th July and are ready with the new mesmerizing single ‘INSIDE’.

Nominees for Carl Prisen

Carl Prisen is an award show hosted by Danish Music Publishers Association, that pays homage to the songwriters and composers in the music industry. Yesterday, we got the nominations for this years award show and we are proud to represent three of the nominees. 

Guldimund (Asger Nordtorp Pedersen and Søren Jensen Buhl) is nominated in the category Song of the Year, for the hit-song ‘Brænder Stadig’.

KALEIIDO (Anne Roemer, Cecilie Strange, Anders Christensen, Jakob Høyer, Kasper Tranberg and Stine Steendorph) are nominated within the category of Jazz Composer of the Year for the album ‘VOYAGE’.

And at last Eik Octobre (Emil Skovsgaard Christensen) is nominated within the category of Classical Composer of the Year – Little Ensemble, for his EP ‘Everything Has It’s Echo’.

Huge congratulations to all the nominees. You can see the full list right here.