K A L E II D O releases new single

The experimental Jazz duo K A L E II D O is now out with their new single ‘INSIDE’, which is their first single since their debut-album earlier this year. 

With solid editorial support from Spotify and great media attention in Denmark and abroad, the Danish duo K A L E II D O released their debut album VOYAGE back in January this year. Their ambient cross-over jazz was picked out as ‘Album of The Week’ at Danish national classical radio P2 and they received 5/6 stars in the biggest music medias in Denmark, Politiken and Gaffa.

Now they are to play a show at the famous Copenhagen Jazz Festival on the 6th July and are ready with the new mesmerizing single ‘INSIDE’.

Nominees for Carl Prisen

Carl Prisen is an award show hosted by Danish Music Publishers Association, that pays homage to the songwriters and composers in the music industry. Yesterday, we got the nominations for this years award show and we are proud to represent three of the nominees. 

Guldimund (Asger Nordtorp Pedersen and Søren Jensen Buhl) is nominated in the category Song of the Year, for the hit-song ‘Brænder Stadig’.

KALEIIDO (Anne Roemer, Cecilie Strange, Anders Christensen, Jakob Høyer, Kasper Tranberg and Stine Steendorph) are nominated within the category of Jazz Composer of the Year for the album ‘VOYAGE’.

And at last Eik Octobre (Emil Skovsgaard Christensen) is nominated within the category of Classical Composer of the Year – Little Ensemble, for his EP ‘Everything Has It’s Echo’.

Huge congratulations to all the nominees. You can see the full list right here.

Ea Wim

Ea Wim debutes with ‘Han Kommer Ind’

21 years old Ea Wim is rare kind of female neoclassical composer and singer. With inspiration in the classical tradition and Nordic folk songs, she composes for piano and strings and adds her unique vocals and a lyrical identity-seeking universe. The scene of neoclassical music is largely devoid of female representatives, and in Eas’s category, she is completely unique. 

The first single ‘Han Kommer Ind” (‘He Enters The Room”) is from Ea’s upcoming debut album and is written only for piano and vocals. 

Gender awareness and aesthetics are an important part of Ea’s expression. On the recordings her ensemble consists of female musicians only and when they perform live, they have a male dancer with them on stage. It has been crucial in her choice of teammates to reverse the stereotypes. 

Ea comes up with something very special – by virtue of her talent, her voice, her reflection and her choice of genre. She is one of the infinitely few female artists who make herself in the field of neoclassical, writing and performing her lyrical neoclassical music herself. 

ROXY JULES releases her first EP

Today ROXY JULES will release the 4-track EP ’Still Falling Through The White’. Since 2011 ROXY JULES have released four full-length albums and with a constant lice presence she has given numerous along the way. Her melodic compositions mixed with noise-rock as well as industrial rock, ROXY JULES has her very own powerful yet femine expression that is truly unique. 

Behind the name ROXY JULES you’ll find Danish singer, musician and songwri-ter Julie Runa and on the coming EP she has teamed of with four different producers, here amongt the great artist and producer trentemøller on the lead single ’Jocelyn’. Combining trentemøllers deep insights in garage rock, electronic and noise-rock with ROXY JULES soft vocal and distorted guitar, ma-kes up one of the strongest songs in ROXY JULES catalog of more than 40 songs. On the song ’Porous & Ivory Black’ she has teamed up with Thomas Bertelsen known for his solo project TOM And His Computer and the duo Lulu Rouge. A natural collaboration as ROXY JULES features on several songs on TOM And His Computers latest album ’Future Ruins’ (2020), which btw is rele-ased by trentemøllers personal record label In My Room. 


ELBA releases second EP

You may have already stumbled upon the Danish Pop artist ELBA at Roskilde Festival in 2019, at Copenhagen Pride, or at Alive Festival the same year. Maybe you heard her on the radio, who diligently have played her single ‘700 Angels’ on both P3 and P4 since it was released in May. Even several German Radio stations, hereinunder Bayern 3, has opened their eyes to her obvious talent, who is now ready to release her second EP today. Common to these different media are their predictions that the 26-year old Dane’s career has just begun.

ELBA’s musical universe contains unique originality that makes her stand out as a special talent on the Danish pop scene: “Tell me that this is not some of the very best Danish pop music ever made for a long time”, the radio host on Danish National Radio P3, Michael Bernhard said, about the song ‘700 Angels’.

Ellen has, according to her own statement, become more comfortable sharing personal narratives than before, and it is precisely this newfound approach to songwriting that binds the songs on the EP together:

“I have started to dare to talk to others about the things I am going through and therefore I can put myself more in the center in the music – even though it may feel private and unbelievably nerve-wracking to extradite myself in that way”.