During 2015, TÅRN marked itself as a strong upcoming band with its unique playful guitar pop which combines different genres such as indie rock, British shoegaze and the Nordic indie melancholy. 

TÅRN has played at Roskilde Festival’s Rising stage, a sold out Nye Toner show at Bremen Teater and their own show at Musikcafeen at Huset, Copenhagen which was also sold out. Their song “Stille Stille” took the primary spot on Danish National Radio P3’s alternative chart Barometeret.

At numerous occasions, the group has recorded at Black Tornado studio in Copenhagen together with Blaue Blume drummer Søren Jensen Buhl as producer and technician Troels Damgaard.

In 2016, TÅRN released its debut full-length album “Ud Ad Mit Vindue”, which will be followed up by their second album coming out  March, 2017.