Forat Khalidi has grown up in Vollsmose in Odense with his parents, who in the late 80’s abducted Sadam Husein’s horror regime in Iraq. In 9th grade he started playing guitar, and a whole new world opened. Particularly the musicality of the RnB and gospel had influence on his musical preferences. He started singing against the recordings he found on youtube, and developed through his own self-esteem and song technique. Later, Khalidi began to make demotracks together with the now-commissioned sound designer Saman Kadurri, who has also grown up in Odense.

In 2016, their demos reached NMS, and in October 2016, Forat and NMS joined forces and brought out the Khalidi project. In between, Saman moved to UK and became part of the producer’s collective The Lab. The Lab has therefore stood for the producing of ‘Hold Me’, starting with just a careful guitar sketch from Khalidi’s hand. It has now got meat, blood and bite in a product that both gives room l Khalidi’s fancy voice and the best elements from EDM and RnB. Together with The Lab, Khalidi is now busy writing and producing songs in his upcoming EP, but first and foremost, we are proud to present the 1st single ‘Hold Me’.