Homesick Hank

Homesick Hank is about togetherness in music, friendship, good times and improving tunes. Recorded in an old wooden house in the midst of the Swedish forests, Homesick Hank’s debut album “Hey” (2004) introduced ‘Nordicana’ – alternative country to the Danish audience.

Homesick Hank consisting of Kudre Haan, Ulrik Corlin and Anders Blomquit, have released 4 critically acclaimed albums. Their second album “Leave It Behind” (2006) was produced by Poul Oldham and featuring his brother Will Oldham aka Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Catherine Irwin from Freakwater.

Even though the group is from Denmark, Homesick Hank has attracted much attention and recognition in the US where The Alternate Root elected their new album “Beautiful Life” (2015) amongst the 100 greatest albums of 2015. Also on the dutch website, the album was amongst the best of 2015.

In his biography, the Swedish artist The Tallest Man On Earth mentions Homesick Hank as one of his inspirational sources.