The lounge group Bliss consists of the Danish producers Steffen Aaskoven and Marc-George Andersen. Inspired by different cultures, Bliss welcomes diversity which is also evident in the music that is the result of the mix between recognizable sounds from the electronic music scene and more exotic tunes from the Middle East and Northern Africa.

With vocalists such as Boy George, Ane Brun, Sophie Barker, Lisbeth Scott, and Jeanette Brun, Bliss has achieved much international success. Since the release of the first album in 2001, Steffen and Marc-George have sold more than 100,000 albums worldwide.

Several tracks from Bliss’ newest album “So Many of Us” (2013) also appeared on major international compilations such as DJ Ravin’s Buddha Bar, Claude Challe’s Select and Café Del Mare mastered by Afterlife.