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Frederik Flach releases new album

The Danish Neo-classical composer Frederik Flach is now releasing his 3rd full length album ‘Songs From a Secluded Place’.

The album was recorded recorded during a week alone in a cabin in the Danish countryside. The instrumental album was made solely on an old dusty upright piano in the composer’s own getaway. Flach was inspired by the simple things surrounding him: the trees, the birds, the fireplace and the shifting weather. A sense of calm solitude struck him and the album “Songs For A Secluded Place” was made – deep into the woods away from the noises of society.

Frederik Flach released his debut album ‘The Planets’ in 2018 as a tribute and celebration of Gustav Holst’s iconic album composed exactly 100 years prior. Flach’s album was pure original material performed on piano, synthesizer added with NASA recorded space sounds as well as the string Quartet LiveStrings participated on several recordings.

In 2019 he followed up with the album ‘Perspective’ which was a more earthbound themed album, focusing on the nearness of the family and personal relations.

Now time has come to an album which is dedicated to the nature and the lovely feeling of being on your own but feeling attached and combined with the sorrounding landscape and the small beautiful things that is made of.