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FISCHER ready with debut EP.

Today, pop singer FISCHER releases his long-awaited debut EP ‘Kaosbarn’.

With a distinctive and independent expression, FISCHER challenges the pop-music and its familiar framework. In a post-apocalyptic popunivers, words, tones and thoughts flow flanked by large-scale synthesizers, soulful guitar surfaces and soul-invading texts to search for light in a dark period.

‘Kaosbarn’ is an EP of five songs, all of which are all about becoming a paradox of paradoxical ideas of the good life that sends the modern human being into an everlasting searching to find meaning – in love, in the love of The music, the noise, the night, the dreams, the doubt and the melancholy.

New single: FISCHER – ‘Eksplosion’

FISCHER is today out with the single ‘Eksplosion’, which is the third single from his forthcoming EP.

Morten Fischer debuted under the name of FISCHER in 2016, with the singles ‘Bukker Under’ and ‘Kaosbørn fra Kosmos’, and now he is ready with the third single ‘Eksplosion’. All songs are also found on the upcoming EP, which has been named ‘Kaosbørn’.

With a distinctive and independent expression, FISCHER challenges the familiar framework for how to live life. At FISCHER you will not find texts where pain also means heart, but words of the lives we live, where the hamster wheel rotates faster and faster.

Like the rest of the EP, ‘Eksplosion’ is written and produced in collaboration with Christoffer Høyer and Chief1.

The EP ‘Kaosbarn’ will be released on Friday, May 26th.