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New signing: Bite the Bullet

We are proud to announce that the next album from Bite The Bullet will be out from Nordic Music Society!
The Copenhagen indie rock band has three albums and two EP’s on their back and have toured heavily in many European countries over the years. Bite The Bullet is consisting of the charismatic lead singer Thomas Christiansen, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Paw Eriksen, and bass and synth player Christian Norup. Together the three companions create an infectious fusion of rock and electro and that special blend has ignited crowds wherever they play. The coming album will be released when the sun is back up on sky (TBA). But on January 22nd we will release the first single out ‘Lose Myself’ which is an energetic, playful and retro-sounding feel-good song which naturally leads the thoughts towards bands like MGMT, LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire.

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