Faunea releases first single at Blond Records

Since her debut one the single ‘Oohla Oohla Oohla’ back in 2019, there has been relatively quiet from the Danish electronic pop artist Faunea. However, time has been spent writing her debut EP, and today she releases the single ‘CRZY’.

‘CRZY’ is a song about feeling trapped in a life that is “too perfect”. When Faunea wrote the song during a writing trip to LA, she was in a relationship at the time that was just that. She could no longer feel herself in what had simply become a long straight line of perfection and from this the song ‘CRZY’ came out.

Based on her first single, Faunea has made a name for herself in several places on the Danish upcoming music scene, including performances at Uhørt Festival as well as airplay on Danish National Radio P3.

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