Debut album from This Boy

In a single release-dominated pop landscape where the consumption is often driven by playlists, the classic album format as a release concepts is often decimated into a collection of already released singles. However, the album as a whole story is something that the brand new project under the name of This Boy, cultivates wholeheartedly and accomplish from start to finish.

After two single-teasers for the album, ‘Year 1’ is now ready to be releases, when it hits the streaming services on the 1st of May.

The overall narrative that permeates This Boy’s debut album called ‘Year One’, is the force of everyday habits that can have both a liberating and limiting effect. Our scheduled life means that one day can be hard to distinguish from the other and makes it all quite similar to Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day. This Boy welcomes the theme of both serious topics and humor and the music range from devout and big-hearted arrangements for minimalistic electronic productions.

What shines through the music is a huge playfulness as well as the willingness to go completely new ways in the modern pop music. It is experimenting and the limits are pushed all the time.

Behind This Boy are two childhood friends who have been making music together since they grew up together, in the suburbs of Copenhagen. As songwriters and producers, they are both together and separately behind #1 tracks in Japan and Danish radio- and streaming hits, but in this combination, they are just This Boy. A Whole year has taken them to create the upcoming album, and they have largely lived in their studio.

However, they have not only chiseled their musical vision in tones and words. The 32 minutes long album is being launched with a long and coherent music video, as well.

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