ELBA out with debut EP

The Danish pop-singer ELBA, is releasing her debut-EP ‘Remember Me’ today. 

With her powerfull vocals and her retro-sounding electronic pop music, ELBA has throuhout 2019 been on the edge of a major breakthrough. Especially on the live scene she has been to see almost everywhere, where she featured a large number of Danish festivals. She has appeared on festivals like SPOT Festival, Alive Festival ans also the big highlight at Roskilde Festival, to just name a few.

Her songwriting is, among other things as well, inspired by artist like Stevie Wonder and more contemporary popartists like Nao and Sigrid. Common to all three of them is, according to ELBA, that they all express a special presence and energy through their music. Two things that ELBA also cultivate on intensely on the EP songs, where she has a strong focus on the personal lyrics.

The songs on ‘Remember Me’ thus deal with life’s small and major issues, often based on the many colors of love, that ELBA has experienced in her own life. For example, she expresses the feelings of the lost love that is hard to let go, on the single ‘WYNH’, where she sings: “I’m rubbin’ you off, but you’re stickin’ like dirt / so I’m drying my tears, in your favorite shirt”.

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