Eik Octobre releases new EP

Behind the artist name Eik Octobre stands 28-year-old Dane Emil Skovsgaard Christensen. The background for the creation of Eik Octobre and his compositions is that he back in 2015 was experiencing a personal tragedy and the sorrow was difficult for him to put into words, and instead the music became a place where Emil could express his feelings and breath out.

Now Eik Octobre is ready with his 3rd EP release in the form of the EP ‘Everything Has Its Echo’. It consists of five new compositions which roots him as a progressive classical composer, who incorporates both cello, synths, samples, horns and even an electronic beat on the outro song What Will Never Be.

From the upcoming EP, a few singles have already been released, including the EP’s only solo piano recording Take Me Somewhere Else.
With the quiet and introverted composition, Eik Octobre broke through the sound barrier and was included on numerous big playlists on Spotify, side by side with names like Nils Frahm, Philip Glass, Max Richter and OĢlafur Arnalds. That the listeners on those playlists received Eik Octobre’s music with extremely open ears became apparent when the release suddenly became visible as one of the most trending songs on Spotify’s Viral Global 50 chart.

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