Ron Verboom releases single

The Netherland based composer and producer Ron Verboom releases his debut single ‘A Little Something’ this Friday the 24th of January.

Ron Verboom has previously made electronic and ambient productions that DJ Tiësto among others has picked up, but has now moved to the neo-classical genre. Now he sets sails with the emotive and very beautiful piano-composition ‘A Little Something’, which is a taste of what’s in the pipeline on the coming EP, which is out this spring.

The 49-year old Ron Verboom has played and composed music since he was a child and is inspire by artists such as Kate Bush, Hans Zimmer and Ólafur Arnalds. Ron has through many years produced music for TV and documentaries and his music has been used all over the world of the TV-stations BBC and CNN among others.

It is, however, in the Scandinavian nature that Ron has found the inspiration for his neo-classical project. He has been on multiple vacations in Norway and Sweden and often returns to the grandiose, serene and raw nature, as a contrast to the flat fields of Holland.

‘A Little Something’ arises from the feeling of being a tiny piece in the bigger picture and that life and even nature is fragile. The feeling of fragility, thoughtfulness and at the same time devotion to the way of the world, Ron encapsulates very beautifully with his fascinating piano music, where the fine melodies are allowed to evolve into a small but spellbinding piece.

Listen to the single on Spotify below or via this link

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