Allen Constantine releases new single

Today Allen Constantine releases the single ‘True Romance’, which is the second single from the coming EP. ‘True Romance‘ is a light solo-piano piece with an uplifting and rhythmic feel. It has a romantic feeling to it as well as an easy dreamy vibe.

Allen Constantine makes piano-based and cinematic compositions, and the arrangements are subtle but building and dynamic with a strong focus on harmonies. 

With his latest single ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, which was released on the 29th of November, he begun his career as a solo artist with airplay on Danish public radio P2 in the program Natsværmeren as well as a nice coverage on the international music blog Ears To The Ground.

Both ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and the new single ‘True Romance’ are taken from his coming EP which will be released in May 2020.

Listen to ‘True Romance’ below or by following this link:

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