Frederik Flach releases his EP ‘Perspective’

The Danish composer and pianist Frederik Flach releases his new EP ‘Perspective’ today, the 13th of December.

His latest singles ‘Ebb’ and ‘Flood’ from the coming EP, got a lot of airplay on Danish public radio P2 as well as a rotation on Danish ‘Radio Klassisk’, and great response from international blogs. Furthermore the singles dominate a lot of classical and neo-classial playlists on Apple Music and Spotify.

The new EP ‘Perspective’ consists of five compositions that in terms of genre is located in the borders between electronic and classical music. The compositions have been recorded on a grand piano and with a subtle layer of synthesisers from the 70s and 80s along with strings which gives the EP an organic expression.

The inspiration to the EP Frederik Flach found in the word perspective. He says: ”It originates from a fascination of how people throughout their lives change their perspective. This is both in terms of the outlook on life, faith in own ability, and the child’s naïve understanding of the world to the adult’s often more cynical understanding of themselves compared to the world they live in.”

With the new EP ‘Perspective’ Frederik Flach stations himself solidly in the northern neo-classical line.



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