Eik Octobre releases the single (Since) You

Today Eik Octobre releases the new single ‘(Since) You‘, which is the 3rd single from him coming EP ‘Every-thing Has Its Echo‘ which is out on the 28th of February 2020.

(Since) You‘ follows the successful release of the single ‘Take Me Somewhere Else‘ which has streamed more than 4,5 mill. times on Spotify and has been played on Danish public radio P2 in various programs. The single also led to an interview by the Danish public media DR, and an upcoming local tour.

(Since) You‘ is a soft and calming journey into the neo-classical universe. In contrast to the solo-piano piece, ‘Take Me Somewhere Else’, the new single, is also decorated with strings, synthesizers and electronic sounds that creates a different atmosphere and a more modern sound. The recording consists of more elements than the previous single, and makes it a more diverse and layered listening experience.

Listen to ‘(Since) You below or by following this link: https://orcd.co/sinceyou_

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