New single ‘In Time’ from Frederk Flach

Today the Danish composer and pianist Frederik Flach releases his new single ‘In Time’.

Frederik Flach’s music is best described as atmospheric and meditative piano based melodies, enhanced with beautiful string arrangements. His talent for composing piano pieces that captures the listener with his own distinctive musical universe, is carried on and even beyond on his new single ‘In Time”.

The single is a solo-piano piece that consists of a simple and organic structure. It fits well into the northern neo-classical line and is added an electronic layer with subtile retro synthesisers.

The inspiration for the single comes from time as an abstract concept that changes throughout a lifetime. Frederik explains: “In my childhood the summer holidays seemed endless. Even some afternoons. I’ve just turned 30 and time seems to have flown away. The composition resolves in the end symbolizing the conclusion: I experienced lots of things and more will follow. In time”.

Frederik Flach’s music speaks a modern and universal language as we know from composers like Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnalds, with its simple yet evolving structures.

‘In Time’ is taken from the coming EP ‘Perspective’ which is released on the 13th of December.

Listen to in time here:

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