Pleasure Raft releases new EP

Today Pleasure Raft releases a personal story about lifes ups and downs in form of the self titled EP ‘Pleasure Raft’.

It’s the first EP from Mathias Barfods solo project Pleasure Raft that has risen from the ashes of the dissolved duo The Attic Sleeper. Pleasure Raft has already released three singles throughout 2019 and the last single that fullfils the EP is the single ‘Moodswings’. The sound on the EP is both atmospheric and grandios and draws on the lines from the Attic-time in relation to the melancholic, the dreamy and the spherical but ‘Pleasure Raft’ offers more wildness, more guitars, a higher tempo and considerably more rock than the Attic Sleepers ever did. 

The songs on ‘Pleasure Raft’ is written from personal experiences from at hard time in Mathias Barfods life where his father suddenly passed away and the girlfriend, throughout six years left him. The lyrics on the EP has no narrativ and has been created from pictures and metaphors from the past and a description of how it feels to suddenly lose someone you love. The EP has been a therapeutic process in a hard time. It’s drafts from diarys from the time mixed together randomly to draw an (un)clear photo from the chaotic time – all together with a cold and nordic melancholy. 

Head into the fall and wither with this melancholy and dreamy EP from Pleasure raft. Dig in to the new EP below:


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