New single from Anton Grønholm

Almost a year after the release of the EP ‘Dagen Efter’, Anton Grønholm is back with the new single ‘Intet Uden Dig’.

On the EP from 2018 Anton allied himself with some of the biggest producers from Danish pop music and even though it made it into rotation on P7 Mix and got fine media coverage, the process behind the making of the EP was never redeeming for Anton. He was left with a feeling of not being able to relate to the songs.

In the previous year, Anton has looked inwards into his own DNA and focused on writing songs and develop as a producer.

‘intet uden dig’ has a different sound than the previous recordings with Anton himself as the producer. It’s warm and organic, all excess layers have been removed and the production offers hand-played drums, bass and last but not least the guitar that has always been Anton closest but was a bit overlooked on the last release. 

The single has retro-vibe but sounds refreshing and encapsulates 100% who Anton Grønholm is as a musician and the starting point he has always had – the voice and the guitar. 


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