TÅRN releases 3. album

Today the danish pop-poets from TÅRN releases their 3rd album ‘Åbne Cirker‘. 

The songs on TÅRNs spring-EP ‘Første Halvdel af en Bevægelse’ was called “pop-pearls” and “supreme pop-songs” by the critics. Now the Danish band is ready to fulfil what they started on the EP with the album ‘Åbne Cirkler‘.

On ‘Første Halvdel af en Bevægelse’ Erik Apollo, songwriter and frontman in TÅRN, wrote some of his most personal lyrics so far.  The journey continues with the new songs on the album but down different paths. ‘Åbne Cirkler’ takes the listener on both an inner and outer journey where Erik  meets love again along the way.

TÅRN has worked hard all summer in the studio with recordings, arrangements, mix and production and Åbne Cirkler comes almost directly from the desk to release. It has been a new challenge for Erik and guitarist Daniel Scheffmann to work more intuitive and let go of the songs, when they are done. Søren Buhl from Blaue Blume has assisted on the last piece of work from the production chair.    

Together with the songs from the EP about love; the tender start, intoxication and seperation, Åbne Cirkler is a strong collection of songs that cement the bands unmistakable talent for pop-poetry. 

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