TÅRN prepares for 3. album with the single ‘Under Himmeltag’

The songs on TÅRN’s spring EP Første Halvdel af en Bevægelse was called “pop songs” and “supreme pop songs” by the critics. Now the band is ready to complete the movement they started: the album Åbne Cirkler is released September 27th.

As a preview of what’s to come, the single Under Himmeltag will be released on August 30th – a voluminous song about love:

There’s so much to say about Under Himmeltag, that an interpretation will quickly seem like a dilution, but I can say, that it’s some of the best we’ve done in TÅRN, and I sincerely hope that people will listen to the song, “says lead singer Erik Apollo.

TÅRN has worked hard all summer in the studio with recordings, arrangements, mix and production and their 3rd album Åbne Cirkler comes almost directly from the desk to release. Søren Buhl from Blaue Blume has assisted on the last piece of work from the production chair.

Along with the songs from the EP about love; with its early beginnings, drunkenness and break-up, Åbne Cirkler is a collection of powerful songs that cement TÅRNs unmistakable talent for pop poetry.

In continuation of the album release, the band will tour and make their way past the following locations:

17/10/2019 Sønderborg, Sønderborghus
18/10/2019 Aalborg, Studenterhuset
19/10/2019 Greve, Portalen
24/10/2019 Skanderborg, Walthers
26/10/2019 Odense, Posten
02/11/2019 København, Hotel Cecil
07/11/2019 Aabenraa, Nygadehuset
08/11/2019 Vejle, Bygningen
09/11/2019 Aarhus, Radar

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