The New EP ‘Første Halvdel Af En Bevægelse’ From Tårn Is Out Now

Tårn is back again with another release – the EP ‘Første Halvdel Af En Bevægelse’. The EP is the A-side from their forthcoming album.

‘Første Halvdel Af En Bevægelse’ is a very intimate and honest EP, which is a perfect match for the minimalistic sound they’re going for with this release. The lead-single ‘Stivner’ is a perfect example of this and clearly shows the immense talent, that the band possesses.

You can listen to the EP here:

And you can catch them live this fall at these venues:

7/10: Sønderborghus, Sønderborg 18/10: Studenterhuset, Aalborg 24/10: Walthers, Skanderborg 26/10: Posten, Odense 2/11: Cecil, København 7/11: Nygadehuset, Aabenraa 8/11: Bygningen, Vejle 9/11: Radar, Aarhus

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