Saint’s newest double-single ‘Drivin’ / Ridin’ Thru’ out now

The young, Copenhagen-based hiphop-duo Saint have now released their 4th and 5th singles ‘Drivin’ / Ridin’ Thru’. Both songs will be featuring the rapper OTAY.

The duo consists of Carllo Yeboah (rapper) and Hans Zamroud (producer/dj). They’re both a part of The Golden Lake Collective – a collective which the rapper/dj OTAY is also a part of.

The A-side ‘Drivin’ is a perfect summer-single with a bouncy beat and a slick flow.

The B-side ‘Ridin’ Thru’ is more melodic and emotional, but it still has the same kind of energy as ‘Drivin’. Both songs would be ideal at any dj-set or festival this summer, but while ‘Drivin’ is more unapologetic about the lifestyle, ‘Ridin’ Thru’ feels more introspective.

You can listen to the double-single here:

And you can catch them live at Rust, Copenhagen on June 15th

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