Pleasure Raft debuts with new single ‘Charisma’

Mathias Barfod, the former lead-singer of The Attic Sleepers, is now ready with a new project called Pleasure Raft. The first single from the project is called ‘Charisma’ and is out Friday.

‘Charisma’ was created during a difficult time for Barfod. First his father died and then a few weeks later his girlfriend of 6 years left him. It was a difficult time for him, but after every dark night comes a bright morning, and Barfod used this trauma to create a beautiful piece of art with ‘Charisma’.

The lyrics on ‘Charisma’ are very personal and references this aforementioned dark period of Barfod’s life. The song has an overall empowering feeling to it though. It’s about keeping one’s head high during dark times, being secure in oneself and ultimately realizing that life is a beautiful thing almost no matter what.

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