New Matthew Bay Album ‘Santa Barbara’ Out Now

Matthew Bay has had a 2018 filled with experiences and success, and today he embarks on yet another challenge, as he takes on 2019 with the release of his mini-album ‘Santa Barbara’.

Bay released 5 singles last year and several of them received attention from Danish P4, where they received regular airplay

‘Santa Barbara’ is a trip through a young man’s life. Bay carries us along on his journey – from the cold streets of Copenhagen, to the warm winds of California. Bay serenades us with stories about love and broken hearts, he serenades us with stories about the search for freedom and the escape from prejudices. He sings about life.

This album is the product of a successful relationship between Bay and the producer-duo Fiji. They started their collaboration on the first single from this project and their synergy have only grown stronger since then.

‘Santa Barbara’ contains 6 strong tracks and is intricately woven together into one whole piece of art, by the use of an intro and two interludes. It all ends with a cherry on top, as Fiji has decided to remix the song which kick-started everything – ‘Nothing More’ – and put it on the album as a bonus-track.

You can find him on Facebook here.

And you can listen to the album below:

The release of ‘Santa Barbara’ is also being celebrated with a giant release-party tonight at Copenhagen-based nightclub Zoo, where Bay will be performing the entire album live. You can find the eventĀ here.

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