New Matthew Bay single ‘Stay’ out now

Matthew Bay is gearing up to the release of his debut-album ‘Santa Barbara’ and he is now ready with the fifth and final single ‘Stay’.

Stay is a song where Bay talks in-depth about FOMO (the fear of missing out). The song is dedicated to all the people who end up going out almost every single day of the week, because of their fear of being alone and because of their fear of missing out.

The song has an almost therapeutic message and vibe, as Bay tries to convince the listener that it is very much okay to just stay at home sometimes. Always chasing a new high will eventually burn you out and ‘Stay’ is a reminder that it pays off to not go to the party once in a while.

In our current climate where it seems like everyone is always on vacation, at the gym or at a party, his message about staying at home sometimes and being confident in oneself is very much needed.

Matthew Bay has had a very busy 2018, where he’s released several singles and performed at places such as Operaen Christiania, Pumpehusets Byhave, Lydfest i Birkerød and at Vega as the supporting act for Sherpa.

Bay’s new single ‘Stay’ has been written and produced in co-operation with the producer-duo Fiji. Bay has worked together with the duo for some time now, as they’ve also worked on Bay’s 4 preceding singles. They’ve created a playful and retro-electronic sound, which complements Bay’s vocals amazingly.

‘Stay’ is out december 7th and is the last single before the release of Bay’s upcoming album, which is out January 11th.

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