New album fra Virgin Suicide

Following on from the release of singles ‘Burnout’ and their LP’s triumphant title track ‘Forever Trouble’, Virgin Suicide are back via Nordic Music Society with their second LP.

On the anticipated sophomore release, the quintet tip their hat to influencing artists such as Slowdive, Suede and My Bloody Valentine, yet remain true to their easy-swinging sound. In doing so, the Danish Shoegazers have succeed where many other artist fail. Drawing inspiration from 70s rock, 80s new wave and 90s pop, they seamlessly blend only the very best aspects of each age.

Having worked with Sune Rose Wagner (The Ravonettes) on their first LP, the self-titled ‘Virgin Suicide’, the group has developed a truly original take on jangle pop which has seen them commended internationally by the likes of Noisey, Redbull and The Guardian.

As the Danes develop their sound they describe their latest LP as “a more dry punchy sound…which seeks to explore different places than the debut”. Being the title track, ‘Forever Trouble’ is a narrative tracking the impossible acceptance that nothing really gets better. Although this becomes a common motif for the album, tracks such as ‘You Hate The Way I Feel’ and ‘Burnout’ showcase the band’s ability to simultaneously champion a defeatist message but also make you realise – hey, if nothing really is going to change then there’s also no need to worry.

By packing a cornucopia of “blood-soaked pop” and anthems for a troubled generation, it is easy to understand why Virgin Suicide have amassed such a following. ‘Forever Trouble’ is a very welcome extension by an already established Danish collective, with 2017 swiftly shaping up to be the year of the baggy janglers.

(Written by Outpost Media)

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