New single: Moses: “Andreas” – ‘Super Like’

Moses: “Andreas” reflects on the modern relationship, on the new Tinder-inspired single. That love can assume many forms and faces and that the road to it has become more diverse with social media like Tinder, is no longer a secret. Neither for the provincial mother or the young student in the big city, both of which may need a piggy or a Super Like.

Moses: “Andreas” new single is about the beauty of a relationship where the parties give each other space, devoid of jealousy and sense of ownership. The love between the partners is big and undeniable and allows them to give each other space to do what they want, which links them even closer together.

The new single rides on the pace of the duo’s last hit-single ‘Gazeller’ from early this summer, but has a more laid back feeling and production aesthetics. Andreas Odbjerg’s vocal flowing in a rap-inspired vers and the hooklines is in line to live the resemblance. With a glimpse of eye, text and production, Moses: “Andreas”, in continued collaboration with producer Steffen Aba, moving their music to new hunting fields. The release period offers concerts in the four largest cities in Danmark, concluding with a concert in Lille Vega Friday, September 8th. The evening will host a host of guest performances, both from good people whom the duo has previously worked with, as well as musicians like Moses: “Andreas” are also fans of.

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