New single from Alfen

The alternative rapper and musician Alfen, is now ready with the single ‘Lædersko & Hat’ featuring singer, actor and entertainer Peter Frödin. The single is the first release from an upcoming EP release, from the Nordic Music Society.

Behind the artist’s name Alfen, is 24-year-old Alfred Lind. A songwriter, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and not at least a rapper from the hip-hop Danish capital, Albertslund. He offers newage rap mixed with elements from electro-funk and has his very own style. As an artist and persona, he also breaks the standards of Danish rap music, not only by being gay but also rapping about it.

There is no doubt that it is two strong characters, each with their unique sound, that meets the number. Alfen had a burning desire to associate Peter Frödin with this single due to his unique voice and attitude. Peter was not late to throw his love on the project, and shortly after, the two collided in the studio and put the last hand on ‘Lædersko & Hat’.



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